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June 2008


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Eric Dill

Eric left the band officially in early 2007. He was replaced by Kyle Patrick. Eric is now working on a solo album and he cited that he wanted to dabble in some acting too.
DOB: 10th February 1982
Hometown: Indianapolis
5 foot 10 tall
Brown eyes
Eric left the band in early 2007
Favourites artists: Elton John, Billy Joel, U2, Radiohead, Michael Jackson, A Perfect Circle, Fear Factory, John Denver, Sigur Ros
Concert: Elton John and Billy Joel, U2
About Boston: history and the band
Sport: football
Guilty pleasure: Ice Mocha Swirls from Dunkin' Donuts
Musical Influences: Billie Joe Armstrong, Elton John, Bono, Maynard James Keenan, Billy Joel
Best concert: Elton John and Billy Joel
Would like to meet: Bono
First concert: Green Day
Loves ♥
xo. working out
xo. walking
xo. playing games
xo. reading books on financial literacy and other things
According to him, music is "Hard to define. Music is sound (+ or - words) composed in a manner that has the ability to convey emotions and thoughts. Music is something you don't need anything to understand other than a set of working ears. Music is expression in sound. It is a vehicle of feelings."

Ben Romans

DOB: 10th February 1982
Keyboardist and Backing vocalist
Hometown: Salina, Kansas
Blue eyes.
First concert was Weezer
5 foot 11 tall
Favs...bands: The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Wondermints, Ben Folds FiveConcerts: KISS, Outkast, The Darkness, Weezer, No Doubt, Apollo Sunshine
Thing About Boston: Red Sox, Fenway Sausage, "An ambitious town that values education"
Sport: Baseball
Guilty pleasure is writing musicals. It used to be singing, dancing and acting in them.
Would like to meet: Paul McCartney
Loves ¦
xo. going to the beach
xo. playing baseballxo. writing and filming movies
xo. barbecues
xo. skiing
Musical Influences:Brian Wilson and The Beatles-particularly Paul McCartney
He would love to meet: Abraham Lincoln, Ben Carson (neurosurgeon), Collin Powell, George Brett, Danny Elfman, Mark Rothko, Jonny Depp, Charlize Theron.
Music is:"Communication of emotion, ideas, energy, and sometimes self-expression. Sometimes music can be more intuitive and divine, whereas the creator of the music could not fully take all credit because of a higher source."
Ben Romans-The One Love

Joe Guese

DOB: January 14th 1983
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
5 foot 10 tall
Green eyes
lead guitar and backing vocals
Favourites:Artists: The Beatles, The Byrds, The Heartbreakers, Tom Petty, The Beach Boys
Concert: Paul McCartney, Coldplay, Oasis, The Heartbreakers, Tom Petty
about Boston: the winter and weather
Sport: football
Guilty pleasure is mexican food, girls and Colorado. Apparently.
Loves ♥eating burritos, skiing and watching the Denver Broncos
Influences: The Beatles
Best concert: Paul McCartney
Would like to meet: George Harrison
First concert was Big Head Todd and the Monsters.
Wants TC5 to achieve "nothing short of world domination".
The reason why he loves music: "loud guitars that people tell you to turn down".

Ethan Mentzer

DOB: 15th March 1983
Hometown: Hershey, Pennsylvania
6 foot tall
Hazel eyes
Bass and backing vocals
Favouritesbands: The Beatles, The Heartbreakser, Tom Petty, Aimee Man, The Cars, The CandybutchersConcerts: Tom Petty, KISS, Apollo Sunshine and The Heartbreakers
about Boston: the weather
Sport: tennis
Loves ♥xo. cooking
Influences: The Beatles
Best concert: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
Would like to meet: Paul McCartney
What would he talk to him about ?:
he wouldn't talk , he would just stare
First concert: Phil Collins
Wants The Click Five to achieve: Fortune, Fame, and Freedom
His Major Musical Influences and Why?
The Beatles…songwriting - best melodies, lyrics, performances, and recording techniques ever
What is it about Music that you love, that moves you, etc.?
Something almost meaningless to be completely submersed in

Joey Zehr

Full Name: Joey David Zehr
DOB: 10th May 1983
Hometown: Indianapolis
Drummer and backing vocals
Hazel eyes
6 foot tall

sport: rugby
artists: Jimmy Eat World, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Phantom Planet, Sam Roberts, Jaz-Z, Silverchair
Concerts: Jimmy Eat World, Paul McCartney, Sam Roberts, Jay-Z
about Boston: the parks, restaurants, diverse population, history, sports spirits, music scene
Boston eatery: Bisuteki
Thing about Boston:The parks, the diverse population, the restaurants, the Boston sports spirit, the history, the music scene

Turn-ons: Brunettes, sense of humor, shyness, humility
Turnoffs: Laziness, rudeness, obnoxiousness

Loves ♥
1. going to beaches
2. working out
3. cooking
4. going to crazy places for dates
5. play on the computer

Guilty pleasure: girls
Influences: The Beatles, Jimmy Eat World, Silverchair, hip- hop, any salsa

Would like to meet: Miles Davis(he would like to play with him too), Kurt Cobain(play with him), Jimi Hendrix(hang with him), Bob Marley(rock and roll)

According to him, music is "In everybody- A primal language.Sexual".

He loves music because "It just makes your body feel good. It connects to your soul on a subconscious level. A song that is 3 minutes long can change someone's life forever! Music unites people."

He wants TC5 to achieve this:
"To move the world in a positive way. To be the greatest and most influential band the world has ever known."

Joey Zehr's Clothing Line/Blog

Kyle Patrick

Frontman of TC5 , Lead Singer
Full Name: Kyle Patrick Dickherber
Date of Birth: 20th May 1986
Must Knows !:
1. He is around 6 foot 3-4 inches tall.
2. He has brown hair and brown eyes.
3. Plays rhythm guitar.
Originally from Georgia
4. He uses Kyle Patrick as a stage name cos he thinks it sounds better.
5. He can drive.
6. Used to be in a band called Hillside Manor.
7. Youngest member of The Click Five
8.Attended Berklee College of Music in Boston as well.
9. Born in St Charles, Missouri
10. Raised in Atlanta, Georgia
How he became part of TC5:
The band returned to Berklee College of Music, where they had also attended college, to find the replacement. Several of their previous professors and classmates referred to Kyle and he offically joined the band in February 2007.
Kyle's Friendster


Formed in 2003
Place: Bostan , MA
A total of 5members
Consists of: a keyboardist, lead inger//guitar, backing vocals and lead guitar, drummer and bassist.
Genre: Power Pop

Four of the five original members attended the Berklee College of Music and participated in many other rock bands before coming together to form The Click, which later became The Click Five. Original and Founding members were Joe, Ben and Ethan who were in a band in Berklee. Joey then joined the three after his band he was in , disbanded after graduating. After deciding that none of them were lead singer material they went on search to find one. And they found Eric Dill who was a childhood friend of Joey. The group played their first venue at the KISS 108 FM Hatchshell Concert on the Charles River in July 2004. They were signed to Lava Records that autumn.
The band lived together in Boston in a rented house on Imrie Road, which gave name to their debut album's title, Greetings from Imrie House, which was released on 16th August 2005. The band began recording their first album at QDivision Studios in Somerville with Mike Denneen, veteran producer for artists such as Aimee Mann, Fountains of Wayne, Letters to Cleo, and many other notable bands.
Following the completion of the recording, the band began touring, starting at smaller venues around the Boston area to larger ones across North America. The music video for the first single, "Just the Girl", a homage to "A Hard Day's Night" by The Beatles, was released in the summer and autumn of 2005 to MTV, VH1, and other outlets. Their debut album, Greetings from Imrie House, was released 16 August 2005. After a rigorous nine month US Tour, the Click Five toured Asia in 2006, visiting Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan, and later toured the British Isles that autumn with McFly(in UK). They also toured with Ashlee Simpson, The Backstreet Boys and The Veronicas (in Australia).
Things were looking sweet for The Click Five. But in March 2007, Eric formally announced he was leaving The Click Five to pursue an acting and a solo career.
In April 2007, the band replaced their lead singer with Kyle Patrick, another Berklee student. In May, just before the release of their second album, The Click Five toured the US so that fans could be introduced to Kyle (called The Fan Appreciation Tour). and not long after, in Europe as well. They released their second album , Modern Minds and Pastimes on 26 June 2007. The release was followed by a small United States tour. The band returned to Asia in autumn 2007 with a significantly larger itinerary. Since then, the band have toured Asia, with Happy Birthday's video consisting of a montage of clips from their tour in Asia.